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Knife Sheaths

Custom Knife Sheaths

Our knife sheaths are constructed of .093" kydex for strength and durability.

Our knife sheaths provide you with the best combination of retention and speed of draw you will find in a kydex product.

Constructed to include a lot amount of free play for the blade, the sheaths also incorporate a very positive tension lock where the blade meets the handle. Once you bread the tension on the lock, there is no drag on the blade during the draw.

Since each blade is different, please contact us with the needs for your specific project. We design and build each sheath to the blade it is intended for, as well as the needs of the specific customer.

Prices depend upon the specific project, but start at $35.00.

Commodore Sheaths start at $100.00 depending on size.

A quick word of thanks is in order to a very special individual. Mike Sastre of River City Sheaths is the true master when it comes to Kydex knife sheaths. He has been a great help to me as I've gotten this business started. The Commodore sheath at the top of this page (shown with a Covington Bowie) is based upon Mike's original Southern Comfort sheath, and was made with his blessing and inspiration. The sheath is a throw-back to the sheaths Southern Gentleman used to carry their long-bladed bowies during the 19th Century, and Mike's rendition is flawless!

Thanks for everything, Mike!

Knife Sheaths