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IWB Holsters

Our IWB holsters are constructed of .080" kydex. We feel this material gives you the best balance between durability, speed of presentation and concealability.

Standard IWB Holster

Our standard IWB holster is designed to be minimalist in form but not function. The slim design and off-set attachment clip provide the slimmest profile available for the best concealment possible, while still providing a lightning fast draw.

The holster is designed to be worn from the appendix position to just behind the natural hip. The clip we use allows you to adjust the cant +/- 5 degrees from straight-drop for your comfort and convenience.

Cost for the Standard IWB holster is $45.00

Standard IWB Holster

F-Series IWB

F-Series IWB Holster

This holster was designed for the person who desires more cant and the ability to be worn farther back behind the hip. The clip can also be adjusted as well. This holster will give you the ability to wear at 15+ degrees.

Cost for the F-Series IWB is $50.00

Legacy IWB

Legacy IWB Holster

Our newest version is a lower riding holster compared to our standard; this works great at appendix and could worn to about 3:00. It has a center lined mounted clip, and allows for a minimal amount of cant.

Cost of the Legacy is $50.00
Holstex Carbon Fiber print upgrade+$5

Pocket Holster

Pocket Holster

Prices from $28.00
Carbon fiber upgrade $35.00