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About Panther Concealment

I have been working with guns and holster making for 5 years. I enjoy learning and taking training classes in self-defense, h2h, and especially proper mindset when it comes to protecting myself and my family and friends. I found that the holster and knife sheath needs of my friends and me did not conform to very many off the shelf products, so I set about learning to make my own to our desired specifications, minimalist in design, yet functional and practical. What I found is that what I was making satisfied the needs of my friends and family better than most anything that could be purchased locally, so I decided to offer my products to all citizens who have chosen to go lawfully armed in their daily activities for defense of themselves and their loved ones.

My products are hand-made to order, in my little shop from the best available materials. Everything I make is tested for safety and functionality by a good friend who serves as my Test/Evaluation and QA hard case! He has well over 20 years of experience in personal defense and weapons training, as well as destroying carry gear. Nothing goes out the door without his seal of approval.